True Patriots: Millionaires Who Want to be Taxed

Reprinted from New Deal 2.0

A group of millionaires have gotten together to create a video about a “mistake” made ten years ago: the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. While they got more money (which has gone to dance floors and yachts), local, state, and federal budgets are facing shortfalls that mean cuts to vital investments. Roosevelt Institute Senior Fellow Rob Johnson and ND20 contributor Dan Berger joined other wealthy Americans with one simple call: “Tax me.”

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6 Responses to “True Patriots: Millionaires Who Want to be Taxed”
  1. depelton says:

    This is reminiscent of the German man who, when asked how much he pays in taxes, answered: “I’d rather be a poor man in a rich country than a rich man in a poor country

  2. Anna Haynes says:

    “Low taxes, small government are for developing countries” – see Kristof’s Tea Party Utopia Already Exists—and It’s Pakistan

  3. Don Pelton says:

    But with the lowest taxes for the wealthiest, what happened to the idea of “shared sacrifice?” And I’m talking about the U.S., not Pakistan.

  4. Carole Grant-Fogarty says:

    I am not a wealthy person and never have been. I went to your website because it said Patriotic and strongly urged the government to have you pay your fair share. The fact that you were ignored apparently means that wealthy people too are divided between those who want to pay their fair share and those who want more for themselves and/or those who want a plutocracy more than a democracy. Just how many wealthy patriotic people are there? Are there enough to make yourselves heard, really heard? Would you, if/when organized consider putting contributions into a United Fund to be then given to the US Treasury ONLY if the Bush tax cuts are removed and we return to a more fair tax base? Would you, if/when organized also hold the money in the United Fund until Congress produces a more realistic method of taxation? Would you if/when organized make it clear that what you have collected can be used only to reduce the deficit with your one time collected significant Patriotic contribution?

  5. Carole Grant-Fogarty says:

    I am not wealthy. I went to this website to find out what patriotic Millionaires had to say. Are these Patiots organized? Are they taking more action in addition to a video? Would they consider getting more leverage with Congress? Would they consider starting a Untied Patriot Fund that would be given to the Treasury under certain conditions: 1. Repeal the Bush tax cuts
    2. Reform the method of income taxation to be more
    fair, unbiased (more “we” than”me”) and clear.
    3.The significant one time contribution
    from Patriotic Millionaires is to be
    used to reduce the deficit and
    represents a collection of 10 years
    of uneeded and unasked for tax cuts

  6. depelton says:

    I’m not a wealthy person either, but I do like the idea that there are patriotic wealthy Americans who understand that they owe a disproportionate share of their wealth to this country because they have disproportionately benefited from its congenial business environment.

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