Will Lance Armstrong’s Reputation Survive the 60 Minutes Report?

Dave Zirin, sports writer for The Nation magazine, believes that Armstrong — because of his triumph over cancer and his great contribution to the battle against it — is in a class by himself in the sport of cycling, even though the sport itself is “rife” with doping.

“Of the 7 Tour de France titles he won — and the top ten, the 70 cyclists — 41 of them have been found to have been doping (of the 70 members of the top ten of his 7 titles)”

… and I think people are gonna say, “Well, he’s just the biggest of what is a sport that is rife with these drugs.”

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2 Responses to “Will Lance Armstrong’s Reputation Survive the 60 Minutes Report?”
  1. RL Crabb says:

    I saw the 60 Minutes report. The most telling moment was when the whistleblower told the reporter that, after spending his life training to become a competitive cyclist, he found that he couldn’t even keep up with the pack without the drugs. Yeah, that would be hard to take.

    If the accusations are true, this will probably be as bad as the Barry Bonds case.

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