McClintock: “Paul Ryan Would Make an Excellent President”

This should interest all constituents of California’s 4th congressional district representative Tom McClintock:

Our congressman voted to replace Medicare with vouchers, a vote also known as “throwing granny under the bus” (see video below).

The widespread opposition to Ryan’s voucher plan for Medicare has apparently not weakened McClintock’s admiration for him:

“It’s a very good idea,” says Rep. Tom McClintock (R., Calif.). “Paul Ryan would make an excellent candidate and an excellent president.” If Democrats are intent on making the House Republican budget the central issue of the 2012 campaign, who better than that budget’s author — and most capable defender — to be the GOP nominee? Other members certainly feel the same, McClintock said — you won’t find too many Republicans with a negative opinion of Ryan — but he insisted there isn’t a concerted effort among members to urge Ryan to get in the race. “I’ve not heard any rumors that he’s seriously considering it,” he said. “But I still think it’s a pretty good idea.”

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