Ex-teammate: “I saw Lance Armstrong inject EPO”

From 60 Minutes:

“(CBS News) Lance Armstrong is among the greatest athletes of all time – an American hero who beat cancer to win the Tour de France, the Super Bowl of cycling, seven times. But now Armstrong is the focus of a federal investigation into performance enhancing drugs. A grand jury in Los Angeles has been hearing secret testimony from some of Armstrong’s former teammates on the U.S. Postal Service team.

“One of the prime witnesses is Tyler Hamilton. Under oath, behind closed doors, Hamilton has told a story that may change the history of sports. Over the years, some former teammates have accused Armstrong of doping. But, it’s been said in professional cycling that if Hamilton broke his silence, then the full story of the legendary U.S. Postal Service team would be known.

“Hamilton does that now, in public, for the first time.

‘Well, I just told my family for the first time four days ago about all this. It was brutal. Was the first time, really, I confided in them and then told them the whole story, you know, starting from the first time I doped till to up through the end,’ Hamilton told correspondent Scott Pelley.”

See full story here, and videos of parts 1 and 2 of this 60 Minutes story, below:

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