Was Bin Laden a Casualty of the Arab Revolt?

Interesting perspective on Osama Bin Laden’s death from the Asia Times:

“More surprising than the death of Osama bin Laden on Monday was the fact that he lived unmolested in a mansion in Abbottabad, about 65 kilometers north of the Pakistani capital Islamabad. How many Pakistani officials and others must have known about this? “America can do whatever we set out mind to,” President Barack Obama intoned in his May 1 announcement of Bin Laden’s death at the hands during a strike by Pakistani and American special forces.

“Not, apparently, without a little help from its friends, and remarkably belated help at that.

” … while al-Qaeda had drawn funding from both Saudi and Iranian sources, in present circumstances its activity tended to serve Iranian rather than Saudi interests. Support for terrorism, moreover, is a two-way street: precisely because Saudi Arabia was “a critical financial support base for al-Qaeda”, Saudi intelligence knows something about the recipients of their money.

“The Saudis, moreover, have an interest in cleaning up the terrorist associations of the Pakistani military. As the Saudi cold war with Iran grows increasingly hot, Riyadh may look towards Islamabad for military support. Asia Times Online has reported that the Bahrain National Guard already is recruiting Pakistani mercenaries.”

” … American special forces may have been the proximate cause of Bin Laden’s violent death, but the efficient cause is a great strategic upheaval that America does not yet understand, and is not prepared to respond to.”

Read full fascinating article here.

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2 Responses to “Was Bin Laden a Casualty of the Arab Revolt?”
  1. Anna Haynes says:

    Interesting….thanks Don.

  2. Jim Kilmer says:

    Was he read his Miranda rights before we shot the unarmed Osama in the head? Civil prosecutions of enemy military compantants is ludicrous!

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