California Pension Truth Squad: “Average Public Employee Pension is $26,000”

“Californians for Health Care and Retirement Security (CHCRS) will launch its “Pension Truth Squad” tour on Thursday in San Francisco, the first of more than a dozen planned events throughout the state in coming months to combat ongoing assaults on the retirement security of public workers.

“Featuring firefighters, teachers, peace officers, school employees, other public employees and retirees, the “Pension Truth Squad” will share their personal stories and supply fact-based information about California’s public pension system.

” ‘With anonymous out-of-state billionaires, Wall Street special interests, and right-wing factions bankrolling an attack on public employees, we think it is time to set the record straight,” says Dave Low, Chairman of CHCRS, a coalition of 1.5 million public employees and retirees. “It is critical that Californians know who is behind the smear campaign about the public pension system, and know the true facts about this issue.’

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