Daily Show: Hilarious, Devastating Critique of the GOP’s Ryan Plan

The right-wing has a mancrush on Paul Ryan, whose “Path to Prosperity” would implement a further massive shift of wealth from the working class to the hoarding class, all by means of spending cuts on such frivolities as Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, Pell grants and low-income housing.

But the Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart suffers no such disability, and consequently sees the basic flaw in Ryan’s plan.

Stewart offers an equally effective solution based not on spending cuts, but on … well, see below.

Here are a few key stills from Stewart’s withering and clear-eyed critique (see full video here):

Ryan Shows Current Debt Level:

Ryan Predicts Debt Level in 2050:

Ryan Shows Debt Level if His Spending-Reduction Plan is Implemented:

Jon Stewart Starts With Projected 2050 Debt Level:

Stewart Shows 2050 Level if Bush Tax Cuts Are Rescinded:

Stewart Shows Essence of Ryan Plan:

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