Hilarious Fake Photo of Obama’s Grandparents With Obama’s Knee

Jack Cashill, WorldNetDaily writer and author of Deconstructing Obama, is making a career out of Obama conspiracy theories.

One of Cashill’s recent efforts to catch Obama in a lie, according to Simon Maloy of MediaMatters, turns out to be hilariously inept.

Cashill says that the following photo of Obama sitting between his grandparents is a photoshopped fake:

Cashill claims that this is the original from which the fake was constructed:

But notice the problem: Obama’s disembodied knee is conspicuously present in the one Cashill claims is not fake!

I looked around for Cashill’s article on April 7th, in which he was supposed to have made this claim. I found his column for the 7th all right, but it makes no mention of these photos. Did Cashill quickly alter his column after MediaMatters’ embarrassing revelation?

Who knows? But you can still see here Cashill’s YouTube video (until it disappears too!) in which he lays out this absurd claim:

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2 Responses to “Hilarious Fake Photo of Obama’s Grandparents With Obama’s Knee”
  1. This is hilarious .. it really does look as though they chopped him out of the image but oddly turned it blurry.

  2. Does anyone know how to start a locksmith business from

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