Next Test in Wisconsin: Election of State Supreme Court Justice on April 5th

“The first fight will come April 5, when Wisconsinites will choose a state Supreme Court justice. Incumbent David Prosser has aligned himself with the right-leaning judicial-activist majority on the High Court—a majority that favors corporate power almost as explicitly and consistently as does the US Supreme Court. Prosser says that, if re-elected, he would vote on the court as an aggressive and unapologetic “judicial conservative.” He is, as well, a former legislative leader with close ties to Walker.

“Prosser’s challenger, veteran Assistant Attorney General JoAnne Kloppenburg, has taken a different direction. She promises to serve as a judicial independent who is interested in restoring the integrity of the court and following the rule of law—as opposed to the partisan demands of the governor’s office.

“The national special-interest groups that have aligned with Walker will help Prosser, as they know that their agenda will face court challenges. Progressives will need to counter the out-of-state money with in-state grass-roots campaigning. But with hundreds of thousands of newly energized foot soldiers, that won’t be nearly as hard as it would have been just a few weeks ago.”

Read John Nichols’ full article here: “Pro-Worker Movement Gains Power in Wisconsin, But What’s Next?

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