LSSI is BAACK! Depicted as Union-Busting “Privatization Beast” in Anti-LSSI Video Produced by SEIU and Citizens of Santa Clarita, California

Citizens of Camarillo, Santa Clarita and Ventura, California are up-in-arms against an effort by LSSI (Library Systems and Services LLC) to privatize their public libraries. (LSSI attempted, but failed, to privatize the public library system in Nevada County. See my series of articles on our experience with LSSI here).

Partnering with SEIU (the Service Employees International Union), privatization opponents have produced one of the most creative and angry campaigns in opposition to LSSI that I have seen anywhere.

See the claymation video (below) depicting LSSI as a union-busting “privatization behemoth,” eating and digesting local libraries and making profits for their investors by eliminating the benefits of library staff.

From the website:

All across the country, city councils are making decisions about privatizing their public libraries. Often this happens behind closed doors, with very little community input and without a full understanding of how library services could be affected or even what a 21st-century public library means to the community. In Southern California, public libraries in Camarillo, Santa Clarita and Ventura have all been targeted for a takeover by Library Systems and Services (LSSI), a private company headquartered in Maryland and majority-owned by the private equity firm Islington Capital Partners.

Privatizing public libraries means libraries will be de-professionalized and residents will pay more and receive less, while LSSI makes a profit for its investors and shareholders. SEIU and SEIU 721 are partnering with community residents, local organizations and librarians that believe only patrons should profit from public libraries to help keep public library services public.

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4 Responses to “LSSI is BAACK! Depicted as Union-Busting “Privatization Beast” in Anti-LSSI Video Produced by SEIU and Citizens of Santa Clarita, California”
  1. depelton says:

    See also the anti-LSSI blog at the website here.

    Excerpt from blog:

    “Last year, Santa Clarita’s City Council rammed through a vote to privatize their library system with very little community input. Community members were understandably outraged, and attended several public hearings requesting more community involvement in the decision-making process. Instead of listening to residents, the City Council created a “Citizen’s Advisory Committee” to review Santa Clarita’s library system and its needs and make recommendations for moving forward with LSSI. The committee had no decision-making power, and was widely criticized as a thinly veiled attempt to silence critics.

    Oh, but it gets better. The City Council invited LSSI executive Ron Dubberly to chair – or, technically, ‘facilitate’ – this committee. In other words, the committee created to advise on the city’s relationship with a private company is being controlled by that same private company. Dubberly has been President of LSSI’s Public Library Management Operations since 2008.”

  2. depelton says:

    What is the meaning of this link, appearing on the Save Our Santa Clarita Libraries blog?

  3. Shroomduke says:

    Privatization = Fascism, it’s the Death of Democracy, Equality, Justice, and human progress. This is a conspiracy by any standard of the “Greed is Good” / “War is Peace” War-Profitering capitalist death cult.

    Congress and the DOJ should be holding investigations into conspiracy and corruption, and “denial of honest services”, fraud and treason!

    Instead of investigatiig muslims they should be investigating the collusion and pandering of republican sycophants, lobbiests bribery ($3.5 Billion), betraying democracy and undermining Americas Security and Soverignty!

    After outsourcing jobs, Selective enforcement of laws, endless tax breaks, Loopholes, corporate welfare, monopolies, Caymon island mail drops, Offshore Bank Accounts, money laundering, swiss accounts, lies, deception, Election Fraud (instead of voting fraud), ignoring fraud, counterfeit, insider trading, Naked Shrot Selling, on Wall Street and Banking, Giving away $Trillions so NOW they can pretend America is broke and now we have to hand it all over to them…

    Anyone who supports this is either on the take, anti-democracy or very uninformed! Shame and a pox on all who participate in this ungodly theft of life, liberty & persuit of happiness.

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