Palm Trees in Wisconsin? Only on Fox News

Fox News was so eager to show the protesters in Madison in a bad light that they ran some “B-roll,” as they call it in the industry (AKA stock footage), of some unruly protesters somewhere.

The trouble is, the palm trees in the background give the game away. Although, as I heard recently, “the people who believe Fox News are the same people who think wrestling is real.”

They distort. You decide. See for yourself:

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One Response to “Palm Trees in Wisconsin? Only on Fox News”
  1. Montana says:

    O’rielly, what a joke, didn’t he say “video comes in video comes out never a miscommunication”. Why is it that so many fools follow this liar? It looks like that the top republican candidates for president will be coming from “Fake News/ Fox News”, or should I say “Big Business”, how funny.

    I wonder if “Fake News” has a stable of likely republican supreme court justices (I am sure they will all attend the republican state of the union, unlike Antonin Scalia, Samuel Alito, and Clarence Thomas, scum bags).

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