Union Busting in the Pages of Our Local Paper

While the union movement is resurgent in Wisconsin and nationwide, the spirit of union “busting” is unsurprisingly alive and well in articles and in the comment section of our local paper, The Union.

Reporter Kyle Magin, writing today about recent layoffs of county employees, implies that the layoffs were a result of the decision of the county’s largest employee union, Local 39, to turn down a wage freeze:

The layoffs come in the wake of a decision last month by Nevada County’s largest employee union, Local 39, to turn down a salary freeze.

But one commenter points out that “the county never agreed to no layoffs if there was a wage freeze. There were going to be layoffs regardless.”

Other commenters were not so kind to the local employee’s union:

I’m officially a fan of public sector union busting. I studied the industrial revolution in college, and back then there was a need for unionization. However, it’s been perverted and abused by the public sector unions.


The unions are slowly losing their power by being greedy….with othe peoples money.

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