Visual History of Koch Conservatism, from John Birch to Cato

Reprinted from Alternet.

Want to explain to your friends and relatives how the Tea Party is corporately-financed and “grassroots” right-wing activity is not spontaneous? Here’s a graphic to get you started.

This infographic on the Koch brothers’ long history of ultra-conservative activity and financial support for the most extreme of right-wing activity comes to us via The Other 98%.

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2 Responses to “Visual History of Koch Conservatism, from John Birch to Cato”
  1. Anna Haynes says:

    That’s very well done.

    I wonder if the folks at APPLE might want to organize a local effort to get Koch products *labeled* as such, at local stores.

    My guess is that they don’t feel this is their bailiwick; but I’d like to be shown wrong.

    I’d organize it, but something like this needs to be done by a group, to work.
    (SV readers, is anyone else interested?)

    I’ll email APPLE to ask.

  2. Anna Haynes says:

    In a way, it is nice to have one’s judgment confirmed.
    (Though it would have been nicer, not to)

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