Why Does Emgold Say it’s in the “Advanced Stage of Permitting?”

Emgold, in its latest press release, says that it is in the “advance stage of permitting the Idaho-Maryland project.”

Since Emgold was saying the same thing in its press releases over a year ago, and since the city of Grass Valley has been waiting during most of that year for Emgold to submit a modified project plan and to supply the funds for a revised draft environmental impact report (DEIR), and since that revised DEIR — if it ever happens at all — will need to be recirculated and made available for public comment for some months, then most likely the reference to “advanced stage” is hype aimed at gullible investors.

Emgold does seem to be stuck at some stage, but it can hardly be called “advanced.”

As Bob Bogart points out, “gold has more than doubled in 5 years and the value of Emgold has fallen by 96%” … which shows that investors don’t buy the hype.

Can Emgold even afford to proceed?

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One Response to “Why Does Emgold Say it’s in the “Advanced Stage of Permitting?””
  1. Dave says:

    Investors don’t “buy the hype”? More like “Investors correctly see California as a hopeless investment sinkhole”. At some point the rest of the country will get sick and tired of the California NIMBY nanny state, and will demand that FEDERAL (that is, belonging to all the people of the United States) resources be utilized in the pursuit of economic recovery.

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