Paul Emery Called Me Yesterday Concerning the IMM Project

I had a short chat with Paul Emery of KVMR yesterday. He called to ask me for an update on the Idaho-Maryland Mine project after reading my brief report in Yubanet about the City of Grass Valley’s recent letter to David Watkinson, President and CEO of Emgold.

In the letter written by Joe Heckel, Community Development Director, the city set a deadline of April 8, 2011 for Emgold to submit “an updated application package and the appropriate funding” for processing its project, or else the city would “consider the application withdrawn and no longer active.”

Although I was a bit nervous — never having done a radio interview before — I was glad for the opportunity to express my opinion on the controversial IMM project. I mentioned the fact that, in the city’s August 25, 2009 council meeting, mayor Lisa Swarthout emphatically reminded David Watkinson that the city had decided that the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) would need to be reworked and recirculated. (See a short video of those remarks by the mayor here).

I said that I’m glad about the deadline, and I also mentioned the obvious fact that the city has been waiting for over a year for Emgold to take the next steps required of it.

I suggested to Emery that he may want to ask Emgold why — in all its recent press releases — it continually asserts that it is “currently in the advanced stage of permitting the Idaho-Maryland Project,” when it is so obviously a long way from satisfying the requirements set by the city.

Paul Emery told me he would contact the city and Emgold for their views, then run a segment on Monday.

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2 Responses to “Paul Emery Called Me Yesterday Concerning the IMM Project”
  1. Jeff Pelline says:

    Well done Don! I’m glad Paul is reaching out for new voices. Paul is an avid reader of the blogs.

  2. Paul Emery says:

    I did talk to Joe Heckel, Development Director of Grass Valley about the current situation and he pretty much concurred with Don Peltons observations. As of today, Emgold has not returned calls.

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