Lake Wildwood Panel Discussion on Propositions Sold Out

I called Amanda Biswell, Recreation Director at Lake Wildwood, and learned that the panel discussion tonight on Propositions 19, 23 and 25 is sold out, so we will not be able to attend, as we had hoped.

The discussion will be videotaped and shown on Lake Wildwood’s Channel 95 (I have a call in to the Channel 95 videographer, asking whether there’s a way we could obtain that tape for later viewing, and also a call in to Terri Hicklin at NCTV asking whether she knows the answer to that question).

It could be a tough crowd or … a tough panel!

Here’s the line-up (notice the error in assigning Steve Frisch to the Yes on 23 position … that’s definitely wrong):

Lectures and Seminars at Lake Wildwood – Session 3 of this new series, “What’s Up For Fall Elections?” is Tuesday, October 12 from 7-9 pm at the Community Center. This interesting and educational forum brings together some of our region’s best, most informed, and talented leaders from media and academia. Along with six proposition “experts,” the panelists will discuss California’s three most compelling propositions on the November 2nd ballot: Prop 19, Legalize & Tax Marijuana; Prop 23, California Jobs Initiative-Defer AB 32, Global Warming Solutions Act; and, Prop 25, On Time Budget Act of 2010-Change State Budget Approval To Simple Majority ofLegislature.

This an informational, non-partisan, facts-and-issues-oriented panel discussion. A “Meet & Greet” follows the session. The panel includes Panel Leader Jeff Ackerman, Editor & Publisher of The Union; Panelists Tom Fitzsimmons, General Manager of KNCO Radio; Mike Dobbins, Owner & Publisher of The Wildwood Independent; and Paul Emery, News Director of KVMR FM Radio. The Moderator will be Dr. Winsome Jackson, Political Science Professor & Department Chair at Sierra College. Panel discussion will be exchanged with audience Q & A.

Two prop “experts” will represent each proposition, one supporting the proposition, the other opposing. Prop 19: Nate Bradley, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) “for,” and Nevada County Sheriff Keith Royal “against. Prop 23: Steve Frisch, President & CEO of Sierra Business Council “for,” and John Kabatech, CA Executive Director, National Federation of Independent Business “against.” Prop 25: Margaret Joehnck, Chair of the Nevada County Democratic Central Committee “for,” and Bill Neuharth, Chair of the Nevada County Republican Central Committee “against.”

I’m sorry we can’t be there with our camcorder.

I’d be glad to hear from anyone who makes it to this event.

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