Fresh (the movie)

I’m often surprised when something — music, or a movie —  unexpectedly brings me to tears.

This happened today while I was watching — of all things — the trailer for a documentary called Fresh.

Although “tears” would be an exaggeration. Damp eyes is more like it. I felt that unexpected billowing of joy.

I’m never entirely sure why this happens.

Today I suspect it had something to do with the look on the farmer’s face at sunrise when he said:

Oh, it doesn’t get much better than this … when the dew is sparkling on the grass … and that early morning sun comes up … you’re looking into it and that dew … is like diamonds.

And later, he said:

I am a caretaker of Creation. And what I’m supposed to do is leave it in better shape for the next generation than I found it. Period.”

The joy I felt came from the momentary sense of living in a world in which our food system is a thing of beauty, rather than — as now — an ugly industrial system based on animal concentration camps and herbicides and pesticides and proprietary seed stocks.

This new breed of farmer is making a new world, and inviting us into it.

Here are a couple of trailers for Fresh.

UPDATE (10/9/10 — 9:27 PM): I’ve just learned that this filmed was screened last year at a fundraiser by APPLE, and so I’m guessing it may be available for check-out in the APPLE Center for Sustainable Living.

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One Response to “Fresh (the movie)”
  1. Laura says:

    The part that got me was when he said “I am a caretaker of creation.” Seems we all have the potential to be that in out own ways.

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