Which Organic Egg Brands Are Factory Farms in Disguise?

Chlorinated CAFO Chickens

Here’s a report by Kiera Butler of Mother Jones, on eggs you might have bought thinking they were organic and range fed.

I see some brands in her report that have fooled us in the past.

Whenever possible, we buy our eggs from our farmer friends around the corner. We’ve met some of their chickens personally!

Unless you can personally meet the chickens who lay your eggs, you may be interested in this report.

Eggs labeled “organic” come from happy chickens with plenty of room to roam, right?

Not necessarily, according to an eye-opening investigation by the Cornucopia Institute. Many so-called organic egg operations are just as grimly crowded as factory farms, and although the USDA requires outdoor access for laying hens whose eggs are labeled organic, Cornucopia found that at many farms, “outdoors” often consists of nothing more than a tiny concrete screen porch adjoining the tenement-like henhouse. Some of the organic egg producers even signed a letter to the National Organic Standards Board opposing the outdoor access rule.

For a list of major organic egg brands whose farms Cornucopia found to have factory-farm-like conditions—and to find out which of those farms was a culprit in the recent salmonella outbreak—click here.

Happy Range-fed Chickens

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