Egg Preference as a Nevada County Political Indicator

We were talking to our waitress at breakfast this morning at a popular Grass Valley restaurant, telling her about an interesting Mother Jones article we’d just read called “Which Organic Egg Brands Are Factory Farms in Disguise?” The article exposes as factory farms a number of brands that we previously thought of as organic and free-range.

She mentioned that she had also worked at a restaurant in Nevada City, and she said that a lot more customers in Nevada City ask for free-range eggs than do customers in Grass Valley!

Ah, there it is again! Berkeley versus Utah!

Just another data point, but it conforms to the well-known pattern.

We gave her a copy of the article, always hopeful that we can help turn Utah into Berkeley.



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3 Responses to “Egg Preference as a Nevada County Political Indicator”
  1. RL Crabb says:

    We barbarians on the low side of the hill aren’t as particular as you egg-litists in Nevada City. However, I do cook my inferior embryos on a range I got for free.

  2. depelton says:

    Hey, thanks Bob! So that’s the meaning of “free range.” I’m glad to have it explained!

    By the way, we’re fellow barbarians on this low side of the hill, and whenever possible we get non-political eggs from our wonderful non-political farmer friends down the street.

  3. Jeff Pelline says:

    Thanks Don. A great indicator indeed. I thought the difference between the two was whether you ate the eggs as eggs benedict — or just chopped off the chicken’s head and let it run around the yard. I’ve glad the towns have evolved.

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