Prop 23 TV Ads — Pro and Con — Hitting the Airwaves

As Grist reports, the Prop 23 ads — both pro and con — are now hitting the airwaves. Some samples are below.

Donations to the “No on 23” campaign have also ramped up:

As predicted, the big money has started to pour into the battle over Proposition 23, the California ballot measure that would suspend the state’s global warming law.

But not from where you’d expect. The six-figure donations filling campaign coffers are not coming from the Texas oil companies and petrochemical giants backing Prop 23 but from a coalition of environmentalists, venture capitalists, green tech companies, and environmental justice activists who are working to defeat the measure.

Over the past two weeks, the No on 23 forces have collected more than $1.8 million in contributions while the Yes campaign has taken in only $6,500, according to California Secretary of State records. (See the graphic below for more detail on who’s giving what to whom.)

A couple of “No on 23” ads:

A “Yes on 23” ad:

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