Opposition to Prop 23 Now Coming From Out-of-State Donors

It’s been known since the beginning of the campaign against AB32 that most of the money in support of Proposition 23 has come from two out-of-state oil companies, Tesoro and Valero. Now, according to Todd Woody, writing in Grist.com, “the No forces are tapping out-of-state donors.”

On Thursday, they got $250,000 from New York investor Nicolas Berggruen. Berggruen is head of Berggruen Holdings, which has made investments in wind energy projects.

Also last week, Nancy Burnett of Lummi Island, Wash., deposited $100,000 in the anti-Prop 23 coffers. Burnett is a daughter of David Packard, co-founder of Silicon Valley tech giant Hewlett-Packard, and a supporter of Democratic candidates.

And this week, David Bonderman, a Texas investor with TPG Capital, donated $7,500.

Woody also quotes Lawrence Goldenhersh, CEO of Enviance, a California firm that sells environmental compliance software, who calls the election “the Normandy Invasion of climate change:”

“If AB 32 is sustained by the voters of California, you will have the largest plebiscite in the history of the climate change debate cast by voters in the world’s seventh largest economy,” Goldenhersh told me Tuesday. “If AB 32 survives and Jerry Brown gets elected governor I think you’ll have cap-and-trade nationally by 2013.'”

” If Prop 23 passes and AB 32 is suspended or killed then I think there will not be a lot of drive and political appetite to take on a piece of grand climate legislation in Congress,” he says. “People will say, ‘if it’s too expensive for California then it’s too expensive for a little state.'”

Read the full report here.

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2 Responses to “Opposition to Prop 23 Now Coming From Out-of-State Donors”
  1. Proposition 23 will suspend implementation of AB 32, the carbon footprint control bill, A.K.A.The Global Warming Solutions Act. This writer recommends a yes vote on Proposition 23.

    AB 32 will have drastic economic effects on California, if it goes into effect. It will trigger two major waves of business flight and unemployment.

    The initial wave will occur after implementation and many businesses learn they can no longer compete under the new regulations. This will include nearly every industry that is a major emitter of CO2. They will move their businesses and jobs to states like Nevada, or overseas. As AB 32 controls are ratcheted up with time, this migration will continue to spiral. Major dislocations will occur in the state business structure as these businesses leave. Jobs will leave with them, further depressing the housing market, and further reducing tax revenue for the state, cities, and counties.

    AB32 has already attracted rich investors and big companies who sense an opportunity to make a buck at the public’s expense in higher taxes, higher prices, subsidies, regulatory requirements and cap and trade Often this will include soaking the public for green gadgetry (e.g., windmills) that would have no market at all if it were not for carbon footprint requirements of AB 32. Some of the big companies that are out for cap and trade dollars from the public are General Electric, Pacific Gas and Electric, Duke Power, Chevron, BP, Hewlett-Packard, Goldman Sachs, and hundreds of others.

    The second wave of business flight, bankruptcies, and unemployment will occur when the public realizes that they have been made the victims of a massive scam, based on the man-made global warming theory, a theory which has no validity. They will realize this when the full wet blanket of AB 32 tyranny pushes California into the purgatory of socialism-light: high taxes, in-your-face regulations, greeny police carbon-footprint monitoring, cap and trade thievery, more costly vehicles, high electric power costs, and high gasoline costs. This second wave of failures will consist of so-called green endeavors that cannot stand on their own two feet. At this point any remaining public support for AB 32 will collapse and to quote a biblical saying, there will be the weeping and gnashing of teeth.

    These two waves of unemployment will push the state much farther into a situation like the 1930s depression, if not far worse.

    Climategate disclosed major fraud and chicanery among the federal agencies and university elitists in promoting the CO2 scam. This included literally twisting of the climatic database to make it conform to their favorite theory. Many investigations before and since have confirmed that CO2 has not an will not cause global warming. AB 32 represents the greatest piece of foolish legislation from Sacramento since it tried to “fix” the electric power system and gave us blackouts instead.

    The most egregious aspect of AB 32 is that the CARB administrator admits that AB 32 will have no effect on atmospheric CO2 concentration, and no effect on atmospheric temperature. AB 32 is thus nothing but a publicity stunt by the legislature and the governor, to enable them to brag that California is a leader in “clean energy”, whereas it will actually be a national leader in arriving at a state-wide poverty level with a broken economy and no hope of recovery.

    AB 32 is a false god. Proposition 23 will save the state from the massive economic disruption described above, although green industries that cannot stand on their own feet will fail. Best to move these businesses and their jobs into production that fits into the economy.

    While Proposition 23 only suspends AB 32, there are other California laws, regulations, and gubernatorial edicts that are based on the CO2 scam and should also be abandoned in the dustbin of really bad legislative mistakes.

  2. depelton says:

    “AB 32 will have drastic economic effects on California, if it goes into effect. It will trigger two major waves of business flight and unemployment.”

    No one can credibly speak with utter certainty of the job consequences of the success or failure of Prop 23, as you pretend to do here.

    For a more balanced view of the complexities of AB32 and Prop 23, see:

    “California at the Crossroads: Proposition 23, AB 32, and Climate Change”

    “Climategate disclosed major fraud and chicanery among the federal agencies and university elitists in promoting the CO2 scam.”

    Numerous studies agree that “Climategate” contained no revelations undermining the essential scientific consensus of anthropogenic global warming.

    Your use of the bogus pejorative, “CO2 scam” completely destroys your credibility.

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