Yubanet: Blue Lead Withdraws Appeal

Yubanet today reports that Blue Lead Mine has withdrawn its formal appeal to the Board of Supervisors to overturn the Planning Commission’s denial of vested right to mine.

As you may recall, the Planning Commission decided to deny Blue Lead’s application for vested right to mine after hearing significant testimony from the general public in opposition to that application.

Yubanet quotes Blue Lead’s July 27th letter to the Board:

After meetings with County Counsel and the Planning Director, Blue Lead Gold Mining, LLC wishes to notify the Nevada County Board of Supervisors that it will not pursue the pending appeal, and will instead continue working cooperatively with County Planning Staff to accomplish Blue Lead’s goals for its property. As such, please accept this letter as Blue Lead’s notice to the Board of Supervisors that it is officially withdrawing its appeal, and will instead continue pursuing the permitting process with the County.

Blue Lead will now need to resume its application for regular permits with the Planning Department. Its application — started last fall — was incomplete at the time Blue Lead changed its strategy to seek vested right to mine. Presumably it will now need to complete its application as a first step.

A related footnote: Today I heard an advertisement on KVMR for Downey Brand, the Roseville law firm employing Braiden Chadwick, the attorney who represented Blue Lead in its application for vested right to mine. The ad pitched Downey Brand as serving the local business community.

Possibly Downey Brand is hoping to represent more vested right claims in our county?

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One Response to “Yubanet: Blue Lead Withdraws Appeal”
  1. Jeff Pelline says:

    Don and Yubanet,
    Thanks for the update!

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