Great Article About Grass Valley in Today’s SacBee

Today’s Sacramento Bee featured an excellent article about the growing charms of Grass Valley.

Your Guide: You want nice place, nice people? Try Grass Valley

By Rick Kushman
Published: Sunday, Jul. 25, 2010 – 12:00 am

GRASS VALLEY ā€“ Everyone is so nice here. Not goober-sweet, insulin-shock nice. Just friendly and open and, you know, nice.

After two days of hitting this amiability everywhere ā€“ in the restaurants, the bookstores, the shops, the wine tasting rooms, the saloon at the Holbrooke Hotel, the Holiday Inn Express, even the Safeway at the bottom of the old town ā€“ I had to ask about it.

After breakfast at Tofanelli’s, a popular bistro with a killer patio (and 100-plus omelet choices), two of my servers were outside on a break. So I asked, nicely of course: “What is it with this town?”

“Everybody knows each other almost anyplace you go,” said Melenie Teehee. “So we just treat everyone like a neighbor.”

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