A Kick Ass Movie, Followed by Our Comfort Restaurant

We had a great date today: A matinee at Sutton Cinemas, where we watched Angelina Jolie kick ass in Salt. A lot of fun so long as you suspend your disbelief. As one of my American literature professors used to say, “fiction depends on the willing suspension of disbelief.”

There was a lot of disbelief  to suspend in Salt, a movie originally offered to Tom Cruise, who turned it down out of concern that it was too much like Mission Impossible. I’d probably be complaining about the lame retro-Soviet plot if it had been Tom Cruise, but it was great fun watching Angelina Jolie kick serious butt.

Afterward we shared a plate of Penne Chicken Dijon and a glass of chilled green tea with mint (two straws) at Cirino’s at Main Street, our favorite restaurant, while listening to Billie Holiday sing “Good Morning Heartache,” and to some vintage Sinatra and Steve Tyrell on their Sirius channel.

An altogether happy day … an adrenaline storm followed by some mellow dining and music.

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