By the Time I Grabbed the Camera, They’d Stopped Nursing

The fawns bounded down toward the house where the doe was grazing and began nursing immediately, but by the time I was able to grab the camera they’d stopped.

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2 Responses to “By the Time I Grabbed the Camera, They’d Stopped Nursing”
  1. Anna Haynes says:

    You can kiss your roses goodbye…

  2. depelton says:

    Actually, we put cages around everything we don’t want eaten (and we don’t have roses).

    For instance, our garden consists mostly of four caged garden boxes like this:

    Of course, we don’t usually leave the door standing open as in this picture. Once when did leave a door open accidentally, we found a full half of that box’s garden completely eaten the next day. The deer do make daily rounds.

    In these garden boxes, we we manage to grow nice vegetables like this, safe from the deer:

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