Nevada City Farmer’s Market Bustling Despite Heat

I expected the turnout to be low at the Nevada City Farmer’s Market this morning because of the excessive heat, but I was wrong. It was bustling as usual.

Some good folks from a local Baptist Church set up a booth for the sole purpose — or perhaps the “soul purpose” — of handing out cups of cold water to passersby, and they had lots of takers.

We brought along our portable cooler on wheels, a trick we hit on recently after the weather turned hot. We purchased the cooler for temporary use the day our refrigerator crapped out back in 2007, and it has been sitting in the garage every since. With the cooler, we are able to get home with all our market produce still crisp and fresh.

Chris Crockett, known to us from a number of Off Broadstreet productions, was in fine mettle this morning in the Market Plaza, singing everything from Rocket Man to Puff the Magic Dragon (by request of a toddler). You can catch him currently in Off Broadstreet’s Summer of Love. By the way, we hear that Sue LeGate does a spectacular send-up of Janis Joplin in that production.

Chris Crockett, Nevada City Farmer's Market, July 17, 2010

Here’s Chris singing the title song from Off Broadstreet‘s “Recession,The Musical.”

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One Response to “Nevada City Farmer’s Market Bustling Despite Heat”
  1. Anna Haynes says:

    That plaza *really* needs a shade tree or two in the middle of it.

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