Carl Safina: The Oil Spill’s Unseen Culprits, Victims

Carl Safina’s voice breaks as he recounts the story of a bottlenose dolphin in the Gulf that tried to get rescued by a passing fishing boat. The dolphin was splattering oil out its blowhole. The fisherman at first moved his boat away from the dolphin, because they scare off fish. Within a minute the dolphin had returned to the side of his boat. The fisherman said he’d never seen anything like that in 30 years of fishing. He believed the dolphin was asking for help.

In the TED Talk below, Safina — “president and co-founder of the Blue Ocean Institute, and author of several writings on marine ecology and the ocean, including the award winnings Song for the Blue Ocean (1998) and Eye of the Albatross (2002)” (( — reports on the holocaust in the Gulf in words that become angrier and angrier. Referring to the efforts to cover-up the extent of the disaster, he says “it’s like putting the murderer in charge of the body.”

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