“Which Infant Formulas Contain Secret Toxic Chemicals?”

” … even though artificial human milk is regulated by the FDA, researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found last year that a thyroid-affecting chemical used in rocket fuel contaminates 15 brands of powdered infant formula, including two that accounted for 87 percent of market share in 2000. The CDC study omits the names of the top offenders, but a little sleuthing reveals (PDF) that they are referring to Similac and Enfamil, produced by Ross (now Abbott Nutrition) and Mead Johnson Nutrition respectively. (The Environmental Working Group handily includes phone numbers here for those and other infant formula companies if you’re interested in questioning the makers of your child’s brand.)”

Read complete Mother Jones article here:

Which Infant Formulas Contain Secret Toxic Chemicals?

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One Response to ““Which Infant Formulas Contain Secret Toxic Chemicals?””
  1. Anna Haynes says:

    > “…a thyroid-affecting chemical used in rocket fuel”

    – which is “the rocket fuel additive perchlorate” (from MJ).

    Don, if you wanted another citizen journalism project, you could google
    perchlorate “simi valley”
    , read what you find there, and then call up our local former Simi Valley planning commissioner (“He was active in the early growth of Simi Valley, California where he served as a planning commissioner and was an author of the city’s first general plan” – sesfoundation.org/rebanebio.htm ) and get his take on the situation

    I’d do it, but he’s averse to talking with me – Musophobia runs rampant among CABPRO men – so I’d be very curious whether he’d be willing to discuss it with you.

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