BOS: “We Need to Go Forward With This, Guys, Even Though … “

The most interesting unfinished sentence I’ve heard this year was spoken by Nate Beason at the June 22nd Board of Supervisor’s meeting after asking if anyone would like to second the motion to consider Blue Lead’s appeal of the May 27th Planning Commission decision to deny their application for vested right to mine.

After a long silence in which no one offered to second the motion, a brief exchange ensued in which the supervisors wondered what would happen if no second was forthcoming.

“The motion will just die,” someone offered.

Finally, Nate Beason said:

“I think we need to go forward with this, guys … for good legal reasons, even though … “

He didn’t finish that sentence, leaving us to wonder “even though”  …  what?

Was he thinking “even though the case is so weak on its merits.”

Finally, Nate himself seconded the motion to hear the appeal on August 10th at 1:30 PM, and a unanimous vote carried it.

If this is palpable hesitation, then it’s a sign of good, sound thinking on the part of the supervisors.

See the video of this brief exchange at Granicus here (select agenda item #48):

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