Camp Augusta Counselors at The Be-Bop Stop

Camp Augusta

Be Bop Stop

We took in Off Broadstreet’s “The Be-Bop Stop” a couple of nights ago and were delighted and entertained not only by the antics onstage but also by the incredible joyous energy of the audience, which included several dozen twenty-something counselors from Camp Augusta.

It’s not often that you see random audience members doing pushups during intermission. We were definitely not among our usual matinee crowd!

The charged happy energy onstage was amplified by the charged happy energy of the audience. What a treat!

Who would have guessed that these young people in the audience — the rock and rap generation — would join in perfect synchrony with “Hand Jive” and “At The Hop” and “Ragtime Cowboy Joe!”

All the performers were terrific.

Kris Stepanian sang “At Last” in a sweet and perfect Etta James style.

Jed Dixon’s Roy Orbison bit was excellent and his Elvis shtick — “Johnny B. Goode” — brought down the house.

Hey, I’m thinking of spending my summer vacation this year at Camp Augusta.

Actually, I’m too old for that, but I envy anyone who does.

That’s gotta be one joyful place!

Here’s the most energetic “Hand Jive” I could find on YouTube. The costumes are different than Off Broadstreet’s version, but the wonderful happy energy is about the same

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