“Glenn Beck Has Nazi Tourette’s”


Lewis Black sees Glenn Beck clearly. It’s not too much to say that Beck is such a clown that only a comedian can truly understand him.

Lewis Black’s riff on Beck (below) is funny, but it also highlights Beck’s weird psychopathology, which seems uncategorizable, so why shouldn’t another comedian name it?

Black names it “Nazi Tourette’s.”

By the way, whenever I hear Beck I always suspect that his grip on weak minds is due to his mellifluous daddy-sounding voice. Seriously! It’s a very good voice. Which makes his ability to mesmerize the susceptible all the more creepy.

My own theory about Beck is that he subconsciously understandsĀ that his grip on people is due to completely irrational resonances in his performance, and at some level that makes him feel a weird kinship with the Nazis, who also mastered the art of insidious propaganda. ((It may well be that Beck is completely conscious of what he is doing. A Forbe’s article of 4/26/2010 quoted Beck as saying “I could give a flying crap about the political process.”))

He subconsciously knows that he himself would have been a great Nazi propagandist!

So, Herr Beck’s incessant obsessive attacks on Nazis, his ability to find them everywhere, is — psychologically — an attempt to exorcize the Nazi Devil in himself. Much like the anti-gay campaigns of hypocritical charlatans who are later caught vacationing in Europe with Rent Boys.

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2 Responses to ““Glenn Beck Has Nazi Tourette’s””
  1. One of the best analysis of the rt wing crazies ever!


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