“Because I Doubt” (Poem by Nevada City Poet, Guarionex Delgado)

Because I Doubt

Because I doubt eternity
I prefer the gold of poppies
the fragility of the unique

The scarred and healed
with their calcified toughness
and no way around the pain

Though it’s not been long
I don’t remember
whether I loved you

I do but not in memory
you were someone else
and I was something else

We were not clever enough
to twist our different types
of loneliness into a single break

Or mend the past that made us
neither calm nor accepting
but pushed us along blind

Hoping in the light we saw
when it was the comfort
or living earth that called

Our names to rest our heads
against the shoulder of soil
and the only God of darkness


“Because I Doubt” is from the book, Being Human: Poems of Resistance & Renewal, by Guarionex Delgado (Rim of Fire, Nevada City, CA, 2001).

Guarionex Delgado

Guarionex Delgado is a Nevada City poet, activist and co-founder of Earth Justice Ministries.

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