Weak-Willed Liberals and Progressives

Now that Molly Ivins is gone, Jim Hightower is the greatest voice in Texas populism, and probably in American populism as well.

Here he talks with Laura Flanders of GritTV about corporate power and the erosion of the middle class.

He calls on the drug companies to develop a “new Viagra” that would stiffen the will of liberals and progressives.

He speaks up for real populism, not the corporate-sponsored faux populism of Glenn Beck.

When Laura Flanders asks him,  “Is there anyone you’d like to see on the Supreme Court,” he answers, “I’d  like to see someone on the Supreme Court who really needs the job!”

Interestingly, he speaks well of Elizabeth Warren, the Leo Gottlieb Professor of Law at Harvard and currently the Chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel, and one of my personal heroes. (See her recent article, “America Without a Middle Class“).

As usual, no one says it like Hightower.

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