Reinette Senum Speaks for Blue Lead Neighbor Tom Brown

In the following 6-minute video, Reinette Senum, Mayor of Nevada City, reads the letter sent by Blue Lead neighbor, Tom Brown, to the Nevada County Planning Commission.

Here are some of the words you will hear from Mr. Brown:

‘My wife and I are the owners of APN 38-391-04 which is adjacent to the three parcels described in this request and has a common border with two of the parcels (APN 38-390-12 and -21). When we purchased this parcel in 1986 we were California residents. In 2004 we moved to our current residence in Virginia which makes it impractical for us to personally appear at the public hearings pertaining to this matter. Therefore we have authorized Reinette Senum to represent us by reading this statement to the Commission.”

” … On October 1, 2008 we received a letter from William Haigh, Field Manager in the Folsom Field Office of the BLM inquiring about “the legal rights Mr. (Tucker)White holds through your property.” This letter of inquiry was prompted by Mr. White’s application for a right-of-way through BLM land. In his letter Mr. Haigh also wrote “Since he (Mr. White) has done considerable widening of the road on your parcel, we might assume you have deeded him some sort of easement.” This letter from Mr. Haigh was the first time we became aware that Mr. White had indeed trespassed on our land and irrevocably damaged it while doing a significant amount of unauthorized road work. Mr. White never requested permission to enter our property. Had he requested such permission he never would have received it.’

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One Response to “Reinette Senum Speaks for Blue Lead Neighbor Tom Brown”
  1. Jeff Pelline says:

    Thanks for covering this.

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