Locally-Produced TV Program Gets Mentioned by E! Online

Today we received the March Peak Moment TV Newsletter from our friends and producers, Robyn Mallgren and Janaia Donaldson.

The newsletter contained these paragraphs:

Peak Moment TV joins the entertainment sphere? Ya gotta admit, a name like “Peak Moment” can be a spammer’s paradise. E! Entertainment TV took the bait with their upbeat post titled “Green Machines: Climaxing on Peak Moment.” An excerpt is below; full review here.

OK, we’re beside ourselves at discovering a TV series on YouTube devoted to sustainability in the era of “peak oil.”… Not dissimilar to your local PBS station’s magazine shows, an earnest host interviews her way around a worm farm, a green building project and a carpool group, as well as hosting roundtable discussions about energy vulnerability, forest management and compost. (More…)

A million online views. Peak Moment shows just passed a million views on YouTube in just over three years. The top two shows? An Experiment in Back Yard Sustainability and Go Electric: Bike Commuting Made Easy.

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