Pro-LSSI Website Disappears

The apparently pro-LSSI website which I stumbled on and wrote about several weeks ago has now disappeared. Here’s what its banner looked like while it was still alive:

I was unaware that it had disappeared until I received this email today from Norman Oder, News Editor for the Library Journal:

“Mr. Pelton,

I’m writing an article for Library Journal about the outsourcing controversy. I’ve read a bunch on Sierra Voices and elsewhere and wanted to ask you if you have any more info on the provenance of the web site Save Nevada County Libraries (which has disappeared, though pages are available via Google cache).

Could you give me a call–I’m here til about 5:30 EST today–or let me know how to reach you today or tomorrow.


I called and left Mr. Oder a voice mail explaining that I have no further information about this website. I also asked him to let me know when he publishes his article on outsourcing.

If any of you have information about this now defunct website, leave your comments here and I’ll relay them back to Mr. Oder.

For what it’s worth, you can see Google’s cache remains of the website here.

Update: Mr Oder replies to my voicemail:

My article should be online Fri or Mon.

Btw, here’s a piece I did in 2004 about LSSI:
Letter in response:

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One Response to “Pro-LSSI Website Disappears”
  1. Jeff Pelline says:

    You’ve really done some trailblazing “citizen journalism” work on this issue, as I’ve said before. Many thanks.

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