Job Losses Under Bush and Obama Compared

This is a chart prepared by Nancy Pelosi’s office. It’d make a nice tee shirt, something for Democrats to wear at Town Hall meetings.

Josh Marshall explains: “The red bars are the accelerating rate of job loss during President Bush’s last year in office; the blue bars are the decelerating rate of job loss during President Obama’s first year of office.”

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8 Responses to “Job Losses Under Bush and Obama Compared”
  1. Pat says:

    Yeah, you can spin your data all you want. At a certain point, job losses will stop going down, but it doesn’t mean more people are back to work. It just means that less people are losing their jobs. It does not count the people who are still out of work. Here is the graph that really matters. Make particular note of the hockey stick in the past year:

    And this is from Google, a non-partisan source, not the Obama media spin.

  2. Pabst says:

    Of course, the unemployment will still go up since we are still lossing jobs. But, not as much as during the last 2 years of Bush. This is just simple math. Had we continued to loss 800,000 jobs per month, the unemployment rate would be double than it is now? Another thing, do you remember how many times Bush and the Republicans in Congress & Senate passed a Stimulus bill? And who started the TARP? By the way, who controls the Congress & Senate from Jan/2000 to Jan/2006? One final thing, do you remember what’s the top income tax rate under Reagan? Over 50%.

  3. Richard says:

    I’m not sure what Pat (2/17/2009) point is? The graph he sites allows you to see what the unemployment rate was by month. When Obama took office in Jan. 2009, it was 8.5%. How is that different that what the graph above shows?

  4. Jim Kilmer says:

    Tomorrow morning the jobs report will be released at 8:30 am. Since Obama was elected, we’ve lost 4,754,000 jobs. (According to the Obama’s Bureau of Labor Statistics). That’s more than double the record for job losses at this point in a Presidency.
    Will Obama reverse hiseconomic positions, and switch to a pro-business, pro-growth policy? We need jobs!

  5. PBOHIO says:

    You do realize Jim that approximately 2.5 to 3.0 Million of those were in the first 3 months of the Obama Presidency?? How do you put the blame on him for that?? If you want to look at it like that,,the month after he took office,,Feb. 2009,,job losses started going down. Which is it????

  6. depelton says:


    Thanks for your comments. If you want to continue to comment here, please use your real name.

    Don Pelton.

  7. Denis Lowell says:

    Everything started going South when Bush reversed the economic policies that worked so well under Clinton. Now the right wing calls those tax rates class warfare.

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