How to Donate to the Greg Diaz Campaign

I heard from Don Baumgart with the Greg Diaz campaign that yesterday’s fundraiser for Greg’s re-election as the Nevada County Clerk-Recorder was a great success:

“Last night’s Meet the Candidate gathering at Kane’s restaurant in Grass Valley was packed! An outpouring of support and donations. A very good start for the campaign.”

If you missed the fundraiser and still want to contribute, here’s how to do it.

Mail your check to:

Committee to Elect Diaz
15523 Wet Hill Road
Nevada City CA 95959

Or, if you’d prefer to donate online, go to and click the Donate to the Campaign! link at the top of the page.

While you’re at his webpage, take some time to read about Greg’s background and accomplishments as Nevada County’s Clerk-Recorder.

And check out his avocation as an alpaca farmer!

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7 Responses to “How to Donate to the Greg Diaz Campaign”
  1. jeffpelline says:

    Don B. will have to reach outside Nevada City and the center-left to the center-right and up into Truckee to get Greg elected. I hope he can. We were happy to give $500.

  2. Don Pelton says:

    Jeff: Don’t over-analyze my support for Greg Diaz. I reached out to their campaign, not vice versa. And Kane’s is in Grass Valley, not Nevada City.

    I trust Diaz to reach out to all voters, without regard to politics.

  3. jeffpelline says:

    Your are Don P.; I was referring to Don B., the campaign manager. You are different souls. Cheers.

  4. depelton says:


    Could you clarify?

    I’m confused why you say that the Diaz campaign is reaching out only to the center-left? What’s the evidence for that?

    And, since they just had a fundraiser in Kane’s (Grass Valley), why do you say they need to reach beyond Nevada City, since they clearly are.

    What am I missing?

  5. jeffpelline says:

    You are missing the fact that this is a county-wide race, extending well beyond NC and GV. My wife, son and I were at the event. We are big supporters of Greg, not for political reasons but because he is the most qualified. We would like to see more center-right and Truckee people in the mix, since it is a county-wide race.

  6. depelton says:

    I wasn’t missing the fact that it’s a county-wide race.

    I was merely confused by your original statement, which apparently only expressed part of what you intended it to express.

    You said he needed to reach beyond Nevada City when — according to your clarification — you meant to say that he needed to reach beyond Nevada City and Grass Valley.

    It’s early in the campaign. I’m sure he’ll reach out to all voters, regardless of political disposition.

    I’m glad we agree that Greg is the best qualified.

  7. jeffpelline says:

    Actually I really meant Nevada City, which is where Don B.’s expertise lies. Passing a tax to help fix the roads there, for example. I’m not sure holding a fundraiser at Kane’s qualifies for digging into the GV electorate or expanding there. But since I’m supporting Greg in the race, I didn’t want to quibble. I will say this again: The campaign team needs to tap the GV electorate and Truckee electorate, and I hope it can. Greg is the most qualified candidate for this nonpartisan post, so I hope it’s doable.

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