Library COC Meeting Wed the 13th: Public Welcome

An important –possibly the most important — meeting of the Library Citizen’s Oversight Committee (COC) will take place tomorrow (Wednesday, January 13, 2010) from 10 AM to noon in the Community Room of the Madelyn Helling Library (980 Helling Way, Nevada City).

The goal of the meeting is to “discuss the various options already submitted to the county” and to “finalize a report to be submitted to CEO Haffey’s office by January 25, 2010.”

Here’s the complete agenda:

Agenda for the meeting on Wednesday, January 13, 10:00 am to 12:00 noon, in the Community Room, Madelyn Helling Library, Nevada City, California and by telephone conference call to the Truckee Library, 10031 Levon, Truckee CA.

Diane Davis Jack Ricks

Ruth Jackson Hall Christine Trussler

1. Review and adoption of minutes of prior meetings (Trussler)

2. Review of Measure C sales tax receipts (Trygg & Ricks)

3. As part of Nevada County’s library budget management review process the members of the COC will discuss the various options already submitted to the county. Public comments will be welcomed (with a time-limit). After further discussion, the COC will select the option(s) to be recommended, along with the supporting findings, and will (hopefully) finalize a report to be submitted to CEO Haffey’s office by January 25, 2010.

4. Other COC/library related issues (Trussler)

5. Next meeting: January/February?, 2010

6. Adjourn

This agenda is posted at sites available for public viewing 72 hours in advance of the meeting at the following locations: 1. Eric Rood Administrative Center. 2. Grass Valley/Royce Library 3. Madelyn Helling Library. 4. Penn Valley Station 5. Truckee Library.

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