The Secrets of Evolution are … Time and Death

Here’s the latest creation from Symphony of Science, another beautiful little video, this one called “The Unbroken Thread.”

The reason I love these videos so much — and I suppose it’s possible for some people to not love them — is that, using science, they deliver the same emotional “hit” or impact as religion at its best.

They operate on the left and right brains in the same way that religion does, carrying this perennial spiritual message that is also a scientific fact: “We are all bound together in time and space, having evolved in an ‘unbroken thread’ from a common source.'”

From the perspective expressed in these videos, science and religion are one thing.

See earlier videos in this series here and here.

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2 Responses to “The Secrets of Evolution are … Time and Death”
  1. Very good. Especially intriguing is the new connection between the dynamic interactions in molecular life structures, in their quantum electrodynamic relationship with the better conceived universe of galaxies, milky way, stars and planets and moon and all. Measure and detail of atoms is about as important.

    During most of the time there was little macroscopic direction-sense about such things and they will be in this much better concept forever. A change, within only thousands of years, from a past of three or four billion years of vague influence to a future of as many billions of years in the future is big nexus, a major scale evolutionary time.

    Just after Apollo and other first space flight comments like this were heard, though they were often prefaced with something like, “Oh, yeah. That’s cool. Space and time are curved (or whatever else was being commented on). Yet as decades pass, many of those early realizations that seemed more or less commonplace are sinking in as utterly un-guessed throughout all past history. and their impact on the new century and much much more is sinking in. As time passes, the future becomes deeper and deeper compared with history, dwarfing individual lifetimes.

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