Attorney Frank Bloksberg: County May Have Legal Problem Outsourcing

Paul Emery — on KVMR’s evening news for December 16th — interviewed local attorney, Frank Bloksberg, on the subject of library outsourcing.

Bloksberg suggested that — since Nevada County is not a “charter” county but a “general law” county — it is bound by California Code section 31000 with regard to the kinds of jobs it may outsource.  He said that Nevada County may be in violation of the law if it approves LSSI’s proposal.

Click on the following radio icon to listen to Paul Emery’s roughly 6-minute interview with Frank Bloksberg, made available with the permission of KVMR:

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2 Responses to “Attorney Frank Bloksberg: County May Have Legal Problem Outsourcing”
  1. marianna greenberg says:

    i don’t understand why the county did not start by looking at the legality of outsourcing. wouldn’t that be the logical first step in such a process? all the time and energy and money that has gone into outsourcing so far might have been for naught. the board of supervisors and the county ceo should have done their homework before piling us all onto a train that may be heading nowhere.


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