Public Meeting on Library Outsourcing (12/17/09 6:30 PM)

Marianne Greenberg, a passionate opponent of library outsourcing, will be hosting a public meeting to discuss alternatives on Thursday, December 17th at 6:30 PM in the Community Room of the Madelyn Helling Library.

Here’s a copy of the flyer:


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One Response to “Public Meeting on Library Outsourcing (12/17/09 6:30 PM)”
  1. marianna greenberg says:

    OK, I better chime in here. I have no alternatives at this point. I think as a community we might be able to come up with some though. I found Mr. Ackerman’s proposal in The Union pretty enticing, but also have my reservations at this point, while the BOS keeps LSSI on the table.
    My hope is that the evening will bring lots of information to our community (including an attorney who will put legal issues surrounding outsourcing into plain English for us).
    So bring all your questions, the panel has done lots of research and should be able to answer at least some of them.
    And bring your ideas! With all our heads together we should be able to have some good ones.
    I have to admit that I was asleep at the wheel and had no idea that such drastic measures like outsourcing are considered. For me the solution always seemed: Consuming up, more money, more services, more hours. Consuming down, less money, less services, less hours. I could live with that.
    No budget is suggesting we close all our libraries.

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