County CIO Comments on Library Citizens’ Oversight Committee

committeesIn response to an email I sent to the Library FAQ, asking for a clarification of how many Library committee meetings there would be on Thursday at the Rood Center, and in what room(s), etc, Steve Monaghan (County CIO) sent me this direct reply:

“There will be one meeting in the Empire Room, second floor, East Wing. The meeting is going to be video conferenced to Truckee Town Hall for Truckee members and public. Depending on public attendance at the Rood Center, the BOS Chambers will be used for over flow via video conferencing.

The second and/if third meeting dates/times have not been set yet, probably in Jan.”

When I also asked him (1) How we could discover if the meeting needs to be cancelled (due, say, to snow) at the last minute, and (2) whether the same background materials used by the committee members would be available to the general public in attendance, he replied:

“We would only cancel it if we closed the building again, in that event, we post that on the County website, notify KNCO, etc. I believe we are just due rain, not snow for Thursday at this time.

As a workshop meeting format, we don’t typically make copies of the materials for the public. We will have the agenda/etc for the public, but would not have all the back ground materials printed, RFP, RFP responses, draft library strategic plan, etc. I attached a copy of the draft strategic plan for you as you seem to be our most active citizen participant.”

See the The Draft Library Strategic Plan he sent me, and also the Agenda for the first meeting of the Citizens’ Oversight Committee.

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