First Meeting of the Library Review Committees

committeesAccording to yesterday’s update to the Library FAQ, the first meeting of the Library Review “Committees” (plural!) will be at 8 AM, Thursday December 10th at the Rood Center.

Here’s the complete FAQ update from yesterday regarding the committees:

What is the public review committee structure and who is on it; what is their mission, when will they meet, are they open to the public?

The committees will hold their first meeting on December 10th, 8:00 a.m., at the Rood Center. Video conferencing will be available to Truckee at the Town Hall. This meeting is open to the public.

They will hold additional sessions; dates and times will be posted when they are finalized.

Library Services RFP Review Process:

1. The County of Nevada has received two proposals to operate the County’s libraries. The Friends of the Libraries of Nevada County has submitted a proposal to operate the Doris Foley Historical Library. Library Systems & Services, LLC has submitted a proposal to operate all of the County libraries.

2. The County Purchasing Agent will make copies of the proposals available to members of the 3 evaluation panels that will be reviewing the proposals. Committee members will be asked to sign a statement attesting to their understanding of the importance of fairness and integrity in the review process.

3. The three committees are:

a. Staff committee:
Laura Matteson, Assistant County Executive Officer; Joe Christoffel, Deputy County Executive Officer; Steve Monaghan, Chief Information Officer; Mary Ann Trygg, County Librarian;
Mary Ross, Purchasing Agent (facilitator)

b. Library Management Model ad hoc committee:
Reinette Senum, Nevada City representative; Lisa Swarthout, Grass Valley representative; Richard Anderson, Truckee representative; Jim Meshwart ; Mike McDaniel

c. Citizens Oversight Committee:
Diane Davis, Ruth Hall, Jack Ricks, Susan Pearson, Christine Trussler

4. The Staff Committee will prepare a financial analysis of the proposals, as well as alternate models for library operations. This information will be provided to the other committees as input to their deliberations.

5. Each committee will review the proposals and the alternate models to determine:

a. the extent to which they address the scope of services described in Section 5 of the RFP.

b. in the case of the proposals, the capability of the proposer to provide the services, based on past experience and qualifications of key personnel.

c. the extent to which the various options address the specific needs of Nevada County Library patrons.

6. Each committee will report their findings and recommendations to the County Executive Officer by January 25, 2010.

In response to the information above, I sent the following additional email this morning to the Library FAQ:

“Dear FAQ Angels:

In your response of 12/4/09 concerning the activity of the review committees, you indicate the their first meetings will take place at 8 AM on December 10 at the Rood Center.

I’m confused. Does this mean that there will be three different meetings in three different rooms at the Rood Center at that time on that day?

Or, does it mean that there will be one large joint meeting of all those committees in one room at that time on that day?

May we also have more specifics about which room or rooms?


Don Pelton”

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One Response to “First Meeting of the Library Review Committees”
  1. depelton says:

    Notice there were a couple of other updates to the Library FAQ yesterday. (The current updates are all highlighted in orange).

    The additional updates concerned librarian salaries, and cost-cutting measures undertaken by the library over the last year.

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