Library Anti-Privatization Rally

helling_libraryA spirited group of Nevada County citizens — it looked like a hundred or more — rallied in opposition to library outsourcing/privatization in front of the Rood Center this morning from 7:30 until the beginning of the Board of Supervisors meeting at 9 AM.

Several speakers, including Madelyn Helling, Deb Abbadie and Lew Sitzer, spoke out against outsourcing.

Lew said — with utter confidence — that the Board, considering the amount of community opposition, cannot possibly go forward with outsourcing. He said that as soon as the Board shelves that particular idea, NCTV will do a telethon for the library. He pointed out that a recent telethon raised over $90,000 for local non-profits.


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One Response to “Library Anti-Privatization Rally”
  1. Jeff Pelline says:

    Thanks for the first hand account and photo.

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