Our Place in the Cosmos

earthriseWhen Richard Dawkins talks about the Cosmos, can he help singing?

Here’s the composer’s notes on his latest video:

It was crafted using samples from Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, Richard Dawkins’ Genius of Charles Darwin series, Dawkins’ TED Talk, Stephen Hawking’s Universe series, Michio Kaku’s interview on Physics and aliens, plus added visuals from Baraka, Koyaanisqatsi, History Channel’s Universe series, and IMAX Cosmic Voyage. The themes present in this song are intended to explore our understanding of our origins within the universe, and to challenge the commonplace notion that humans have a superior or privleged position, both on our home planet and in the universe itself.

[Listen to this in earphones. It’s more awesome that way. And this is all about … awe]

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