Madelyn Helling Announces Rally on Tuesday 11/24/09 at 7:30 AM

helling_libraryI called Madelyn Helling this evening to ask her about her opposition to library outsourcing/privatization. She was very friendly and accessible, and expressed her vehement opposition to outsourcing.

We had a nice chat, mostly agreeing on the issues surrounding the outsourcing proposal. She said she would call someone in the Board of Supervisors’ office after we hung up, in order to see if she could get a copy of LSSI’s bid.

After a little while, she called me back and said she also spoke to Eve Diamond, and was told the same thing that I was told … that the bid contents would not be available until after any negotiation that might take place with LSSI was complete.

Madelyn also told me that Eve had told her that the law regulating the RFP process is the Brown Act. Apparently Eve had researched this issue since I had asked her about the law earlier in the day.

Madelyn also mentioned to me that they are planning a rally in opposition to outsourcing in front of the Rood Center next Tuesday the 24th, from 7:30 AM to 9:30 AM (the time and place of the next Nevada County Board of Supervisors’ Meeting).

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