Hate Privatization? Email bdofsupervisors@co.nevada.ca.us

helling_libraryThe Library Outsourcing/Privatization issue is heating up.

Yesterday at 3 PM was the deadline for the submission of bids in response to the RFP. Two bids were submitted by the deadline: one from Library Systems  Services, LLC (LSSI) and another from Friends of the Library Nevada County, but the latter bid was apparently submitted for the management of the Foley Library only, not for the entire county system. (Click image at left to bring up email to the Board of Supervisors, or click here).

That leaves just LSSI — a company rejected by the city of Dartmouth, Massachussetts for, among other reasons, keeping its yearly financial statement secret — as the sole bidder for the management of Nevada County’s Library System.

There have been many letters to The Union in opposition to privatization over the last week, as well as a petition circulating in the community — supported by Madelyn Helling and many others — in opposition to privatization/outsourcing.

Among the Union letters were comments such as these:

“I, along with other volunteers, take offense at the statement in the FAQ “volunteers don’t reduce operating costs.” I suggest that all library volunteers take off the same week so the private company realizes what we do and the county sees what they may lose! I know in the last year volunteer hours equate to approximately 2.10 full-time employees at this library alone.

The library is one of the ways I give back to our community. Volunteering to help a profit-making corporation, to me, is not community service. Count me out as a volunteer if privatization happens; I’ll find another nonprofit that will be as thrilled with my hours as our local library.” (From “Library Volunteers Make a Big Difference,” by Myrna Wood, Nevada City, 11/18/09).

“All of us who since childhood have thought of our public libraries as magic places where one can borrow books and acquire knowledge, all of the students who use the libraries, all of the mothers and children that frequent these facilities need to be aware of what is happening. The county is attempting to rush this privatization through when there is no need for it. Citizens of Nevada County, “Storm the Bastille” and let your supervisors and Rick Haffey know that this is not acceptable. Keep our libraries public!” (From “It’s time to storm the Bastille,” by John Fletcher and Irene Nicolas, 11/20/09).

“Retaining these libraries with the quality of care we have received and expect is of great importance to our entire community. It is timely that all of us who use our library services express that now to the Supervisors. A call to 265-1480 could put you in touch with your Supervisor, or you could e-mail: bdofsupervisors@co.nevada.ca.us.” (From “Tell supervisors what you think about for-profit libraries,” by Virginia Brunini, 11/19/09).

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2 Responses to “Hate Privatization? Email bdofsupervisors@co.nevada.ca.us”
  1. Sent them an email, told the m it was a bad idea, reduce their own salaries or other depts first, and that I vote.

  2. depelton says:

    Thanks, Doug, I agree!

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