My Letter to the Board of Supervisors RE Library

county_bannerThis morning I sent the following letter to the Nevada County Board of Supervisors:

“Dear Supervisors:

I’d like to respectfully suggest a minor scheduling modification that would greatly enhance the opportunity for the general public to comment on whatever recommendation the county executive makes to the Board — at the conclusion of the RFP review process — concerning Library Outsourcing. This small modification would also likely improve public appreciation or “buy-in” for whatever decision you ultimately make on this highly contentious subject.

I urge you to consider allowing at least 30 days — rather than a mere 3 days, as is now planned — after the online publication of the bid contents before you hold your open Board meeting in which the county executive presents his recommendation to the full Board.

This would allow the general public a more reasonable period of time in which to review and evaluate the contents of the bids before being given the opportunity to comment on them in open session, prior to your final decision.

I understand that the Library budget problem requires prompt attention in order to forestall worse problems in years to come, but due to the extremely controversial nature of the concept of outsourcing general Library management, it is also imperative that you give the general public — not just the “blue ribbon committee” — sufficient opportunity to review and evaluate the bids and offer potentially crucial feedback.

Three days is simply inadequate and gives the unfortunate and inaccurate appearance of rushing the process through to a pre-determined conclusion.


Don Pelton
Grass Valley, CA”

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  1. Anna Haynes says:

    p.s. Don, consider tagging your posts – I’d like to link to a single Sierra Voices page containing all “library outsourcing” posts…


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