More Questions for the Library Outsourcing FAQ

helling_libraryThis morning I sent the following email to the Library Outsourcing FAQ:

In your description of the general publishing of the bid contents, you say:

As this is a formal county procurement process and bound by governmental procurement procedures, the proposals and report cannot be made publically available until they are posted with the agenda for the Board meeting. This typically occurs on the Friday before the following Tuesday’s Board meeting.”

As a result of this description, I have three additional questions:

(1) Can you cite the relevant “governmental procurement procedures” (county? state?) regarding the general publication of bid contents? Are these procedures available online? (i.e., can you give a web citation (URL?) ).

(2) Once the deadline (11/19/09) for the submission of all bids has passed, what — according to the “governmental procurement procedures” — is the reason for continuing to keep the bid contents secret from the general public, since publication then would give no single bidder a competitive advantage?

(3) Is there any legal reason why the Board of Supervisors can’t wait at least 30 days — rather than a mere 3 days — after the bid contents are made public before hearing from the county executive and general public in an open Board session that includes the library outsourcing agenda item?

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2 Responses to “More Questions for the Library Outsourcing FAQ”
  1. Anna Haynes says:

    Don, what was their answer to this email?


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